How to deploy Wildcard SSL certificate on the Password Manager Pro

After the successful installation of Password Manager Pro. I have to deploy my existing Wildcard SSL certificate of my domain on the PMP. Below are the steps:
  • I purchased my Wildcard SSL from Comodo and I have bundle files for certificates
  • In PMP to deploy existing certificates we have to convert of existing .crt to .pfx because Tomcat by default accepts only the JKS (Java Key Store) and PKCS #12 format keystores
  • There are two ways to convert certificate files from .crt to .pfx
  • We can use the below URL to convert the certificate. For that we need .crt file, private key and the password

  • The other method to convert is using openSSL command line tool
  • Check whether openssl is installed on your operating system then paste all your certificate in a folder and execute the command
  • # openssl pkcs12 -export -out certificate_name.pfx -inkey private.key -in Certificate_file_com.crt
  • We use pkcs12 extension for storing the certificate file save it in .pfx
  • Stop the PMP services and take the backup of server.xml file inside the PMP /conf directory
  • Go the path where PMP is installed. e.g C:\ManageEngine\PMP\conf
  • Copy the certificate_name.pfx file here and open the server.xml file in notepad++ or any editor
  • Find the fields "keystoreFile" and replace it with below feilds and save the config and restart PMP

  • keystorefile is the path where .pfx is placed and keystorePass is the password when converting the .crt to .pfx and keystoreType is "pkcs12"
  • Start the PMP service and check whether the certificate is installed against your domain


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