Git Commands

These are the commands which use mostly in git environment. 
  • git status (tell us the state of the working directory)
  • git add (add the specific file and folder)
  • git add . (add all files in the directory)
  • git ignore (ignore the file in the directory)
  • git commit (added files to repository)
  • git log (what we commit it shows)
  • git log --oneline (summary of all logs,its shows the log against id)
  • git diff 935abd3 8cf9fb3
  • git diff <old commit> <new commit> igves diff b/w these two
  • commit -p (we can commit selected changes)
  • git branch (show the branches)
  • git branch name_new (create the branch)
  • git checkout branch_name (Switched to that branch 'branch_name')
  • git merge branch_name (it will merge the all code with the master branch)
  • git checkout log_number (it will shows the change in the file and point the pointer to that log/change)


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