How to install Guest addition driver in Virtualbox

In any guest virtual machine we want to use it like a host machine and also want to communicate with host machine. For that we have to install the guest additions drivers and this can be installed on any virtual machine whether it is windows or linux.

Step 1:
Check whether the driver is installed. Usually we can check by copy or drag n drop any material from host to guest machine, if it is working then guest addition drivers are properly installed.
We can check in installed program that software of guest addition is installed.

We can also notice that screen is also not fit to windows and this issue also resolved by installing the guest drivers.

Step 2:

Under the VM menu bar click on the Devices tab then select from the bottom Insert guest addition CD image, it will mount the image of guest driver in the removable storage

Double click on the VirtualBox Guest Addition on the removeable storage and install it. After it reboot the virtual machine. Check the copy-paste feature or all the guest related feature under Devices tab :)