Open Source MySQL Database Monitoring tools

MySQL Database monitoring overview

While finished with the zabbix configuration and added all my server for monitoring, I left with database monitoring. For that I searched so many open source software which can give in-depth detail for database server on that I am running MySQL. I also configure my database server under zabbix but it only give nice graph and I want in-depth details of the database like slow queries, query/table locking, real-time query monitoring and deadlocks. Below is the list of open source software for database which I evaluate and finally find the best solution.

- Zabbix / Nagios /Cacti ( All gives nice graphs )
- Percona PMM with grafana and Prometheus (Gives very nice graphs and in-depth slow queries deatils) 
- Zabbix with Percona plugin (nice graphs !)
- Mytop / mtop / InnoTop (Console tools)
- Jet Profiler for MySQL (Real time monitoring, stuck when it runs all the time)
 And many more.
- Finally checked the MONyog and this is the solutions to my all issues. It can intimate about the slow queries, deadlocks, query or table lock, deadlocks and many more features.

NOTE: MONyog is not opensource but found its old version to work around

To configure the MONyog below is the link


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