Zabbix Client Installation and Configuration

Zabbix agent installation

#rpm -Uvh
#yum install zabbix zabbix-agent -y
#service zabbix-agent start
#chkconfig zabbix-agent on

Add the port 10050(tcp) on the firewall for the zabbix-agent on the server

#vi /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf (Change the below upon your settings)
 Change the Server=IP_Address of zabbix Server
 Change the ActiveServer= IP_Address of zabbix Server
 Hostname= The name which is on the zabbix Host
# /etc/init.d/zabbix-agent restart

Zabbix Host Configuration

Hosts are the servers/machines which we want to monitor, so we add all the servers and specify their host group with their respective name and IP address. Default port is 10050. So we have to add this port on the all host (server) end. 

Add the host with name and IP address

Next step is to add the respective template to the host. Go to the next tab named template next to the host and add the related template like if we add the production machine which has high resources so we add all the high resources templates

Link the Template with the host

After the addition of template we save the setting. The Host is added under the desired template and all the objects/items with threshold are under the monitoring radar.