Installation IIS and Omnis Server on Windows Server

Install IIS Server
  • Go to Control panel, on the Programs tab click on the Turn Windows features on or off. It will open the new windows of Server Manager
  • Click on the Roles Tab and add role named Web Server (IIS)
  • Add the three role Services CGI, ISAPI Extensions and ISAPI Filters and complete the remaining installation

  •  After finish install IIS Server, open your favorite web browser and enter URL http://localhost/ to make sure the IIS is working and running
Configure ISAPI DLL
Add Virtual Directory
  • First, you may need to add a virtual directory to host your ISAPI DLL
  • Open Internet Information Service Manager
  • Right click on “Default Web Site” node and click “Add Virtual Directory” of popup menu

Enter “Alias” and “Physical Path” of the virtual directory:
  • Create a folder named scripts in the C: drive

Enable ISAPI for Virtual Directory

To enable ISAPI for the virtual directory:
  • Select the virtual directory node (e.g.: “scripts” in this example)
  • Double click the “Handler Mappings” icon
  • Click “Edit Feature Permissions…” in Actions panel
  • A “Edit Feature Permission” dialog prompt out
  • Check “Execute”
  • Click OK button to commit the changes

Edit Anonymous Authentication Credentials
  • Select the virtual directory node
  • Double click the “Authentication” icon
  • Click to select “Anonymous Authentication” item
  • Click “Edit…” in Actions panel
  • A dialog will prompt out
  • Checked “Application pool identity” and press OK button to commit changes

Enable ISAPI and CGI modules
  • Click on the root node
  • Double click the “ISAPI and CGI Restrictions” icon
  • Click ”Edit Feature Setting …” in Actions panel

Edit Permission for Virtual Directory
  • Select the virtual directory node (e.g.: “ISAPI” in this example)
  • Right click on the node and click “Edit Permission” of popup menu
  • A Properties dialog prompt out
  • Switch to “Security” page
  • Click Edit button to show Permission dialog
  • Add “IIS_IUSRS” into the permission list

Enable 32 bits ISAPI DLL on IIS 7 x64

This is only require if you are using IIS7 x64 and would like to run 32 bits ISAPI DLL on the IIS.  If your ISAPI DLL and IIS7 is both x86 or both x64, you may skip this step.
  • Click “Application Pools” node
  • Click “DefaultAppPool” item
  • Click “Advanced Settings …” from Actions panel
  • A “Advanced Settings” dialog prompt out
  • Set “Enable 32-bits Applications” to True
  • Click OK button to commit changes

Omnis Server Setup
  • Paste the two files omnis api/dll and test file for output in the scripts folder
  • Now install the OmnisStudio 4.3.1 from its setup file
  • After the completion of installation, go to the directory where it is installed C:\Program Files(x86)\TigerLogin\OS431 WEB\startup paste the file SOrderProcessor.lbs omnis library
  • Start the Omnis Web Server and ignore any exception, click on the File tab, open the server configuration, add the port 5912

After that open the web browser and enter the test url to check whether the library working properly.