Rhel 7 VS Rhel 8


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 released on 10 June 2014 with the release name Maipo and it is based on Fedora 19
  • The RHEL 7.1 kernel version was 3.10.0-229 and last update till now is 7.6 - 3.10.0.-957
  •  RHEL 7 only support 64 bit architecture 
  • The default file system is XFS but can be choose the others as well and XFS supports 500TB partition size
  • Kdump supports can be upto 3TB
  • There are no run levels in RHEL 7 but it has targets to do the job of run levels
  • Boot loader version changed to Grub 2 and default database is now MariaDB as in RHEL 6 it was MySQL
  • In RHEL 7 service management it uses systemctl commands to manage services
  • RHEL 7 switched to firewalld concept for firewall configuration and security policies
  • The below architecture are supported 
Ø 64-bit AMD
Ø 64-bit Intel
Ø IBM System z
  • Version of Programming languages
Ø Python 2 ( 2.7.X)
Ø PHP 5.4
Ø Ruby 2.0.0
  • Default display server is X.Org


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 initially released on 7th May 2019 with the release name Ootpa and it is forked from Fedora 28
  • The initial kernel version was 4.18.0-80
  • The NTP implementation is not supported. Chronyd is supported
  • The default file system is same XFS but can be choose the others as well and XFS maximum supports is 1PB as a partition size
  • For software package management, DNF (YUMv4) is used. Yum still can be used as it is based on DNF technology
  • The below architecture are supported
Ø  AMD and Intel 64-bit architectures
Ø  The 64-bit ARM architecture
Ø  IBM Power Systems, Little Endian
  • RHEL 8 provides the below database servers
Ø  Mysql 8.0
Ø  MariaDB 10.3
Ø  PostgreSQL 10
Ø  Redis 5.0
  • Version of Programming languages
Ø  Python 3
Ø  PHP 7.2
Ø  Node.js 10
Ø  Ruby 2.5
  • RHEL 8 using the same firewalld concept for firewall (network packet filtering) configuration and security policies but using “nftables” instead of iptables
  • Default Gnome display server is "Wayland" 

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